Orange Cordial Recipe

This orange cordial recipe is simple to make and free from chemicals, additives, and preservatives. Perfect for a treat for all the family.

It’s no secret that I’m no lover of sugar, but what I detest even more is the addition of sweeteners, colours, additives, and preservatives. With the recent moves to reduce the sugar content of soft drinks,  standard soft drinks now contain sweeteners as well as sugar; a recipe for a chemical sh1t storm in your body! 

Water has always been my main source of hydration but I must admit to being partial to a nice refreshing glass of cordial now and again, especially with an evening meal. The kids love it too and I would rather they had something as natural as possible , even if it does contain the dreaded white stuff.

If you’re concerned about increasing your sugar levels (which we all should be to be fair), having your cordial with your main meal will help to stop that sudden rise, as the absorption is slowed down by your meal; as long as it’s not a doughnut you’re scoffing lol!

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and get busy in the kitchen. The result was delicious. The taste of homemade cordial is far removed from that of the mass produced versions available ; it actually tastes of real oranges! 

For approximately 2 litres of cordial you will need:

 The skin and juice of 6 oranges

1kg sugar

30g citric acid

1200ml water

2 tbsp distilled white vinegar  (to wash the oranges)


Place the oranges in a bowl of boiling water with the vinegar, this will soak off nasties like pesticides and wax

Peel the oranges, being careful to leave behind the white pith and place in a large pan with the water and sugar

Juice the oranges, I used an electric juicer and saved the pulp to make oat cookies (recipe to follow later).

Add the juice to the pan

Place on a medium heat and stir to dissolve the sugar

Once sugar has dissolved bring to the boil, then turn down the heat and allow to simmer for around 10 minutes until the mixture has reduced slightly

Remove from the heat, add the citric acid and allow to cool for at least a couple of hours

Strain and decant into sterilised bottles

Dilute with water as you would any cordial and for a fizzy treat simply add sparkling water.

This does need to be refrigerated due to the lack of preservatives.

Let me know if you try it.

Stay nourished . Carol x 


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